Slimming Navel Patch

Slimming Navel Patch
Description: What is navel therapy?

In navel therapy, appropriate medicines are selected according to the theory of TCM with regard to the symptoms and body conditions. The medicines are made into powder, cream or tablet and applied to the navel in order to cure specific diseases. In some cases, heat is also applied.

The technology of external Jingluo navel therapy

The concept of Jingluo (the channels and collaterals of the body) originated from ancient China 2000 years ago. Modern studies on Jingluo started approximately in the 1950s. Japan is one of the major countries in the research of Jingluo. It has been a leader in the research of modern Jingluo studies by creating a "new trend". The book Studies of Jingluo written by Japanese researcher īt?? was translated into Chinese and introduced to China in 1950, which triggered the modern studies of Jingluo in China.

What is Jingluo?

Jingluo refers to two aspects: Channels and collaterals. Channels are vertical conduits and collaterals are branches of the channels. Acupuncture points are spots located throughout the Jingluo system. The numerous acupuncture points join together to become lines (Jingluo). Jingluo are the pathways through which Qi and blood circulate. In addition, Jingluo also transports nutrients to body tissues, connects internal organs, communicates between the internal and superficial organs, balances Yin and Yang, determines life and death and transmits illness and pathogens.

What are acupuncture points?

Acupuncture points are the points on the body surface where the Qi of internal organs reaches. Imagine Jingluo are bus routes, then the acupuncture points are bus stops on the routes. The knowledge of acupuncture points was gained and accumulated gradually through thousands of years of battles in fighting against diseases. In the early ages, when people accidentally hit or punctured certain parts of the body, they were surprised to find a previously existing illness or pain disappear. Later, when they had the same illness or symptoms, they consciously massage these parts to mitigate pain or cure illnesses. After a long time of repetitive exploration, people located and named the positions of these points. That is how people discovered and made use of acupuncture points. After centuries of work in organisation and classification, medical experts have connected the seemingly individual acupuncture points scattered on the surface of the body by lines based on their respective medical functions, which has become today's Jingluo system. Therefore, acupuncture points belong to different lines of the Jingluo system, which is in turn subordinate to internal organs. Together, they form an inseparable relationship among acupuncture points, Jingluo and internal organs.

What is a navel?

The Navel, or bellybutton, is called "Shenque" in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the navel is the origin of the all internal organs, controlling all the veins of Qi in the body. A fetus lives and grows by getting oxygen and nutrients from the blood of the mother through the umbilical cord. When the baby is born, the doctor cuts the umbilical cord connecting the mother and the baby. A scar is left after the scab of the cut falls off. That forms the navel.

Why select the navel as the point of absorption?

Most people tend to regard the navel as an ornamental part of the body, unaware of its functions. As a matter of fact, modern anatomy shows that the navel is the thinnest part of the abdominal wall, deep under which are omenta and small intestines containing massive nerves and vessels. Since there is no fatty tissue under the navel, this area is more sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, drug substances can be most easily absorbed through the navel skin. Stimulating the acupuncture point of Shenque will connect all veins of Qi of the body thoroughly. This directly helps the specific treatments of illnesses. Therefore, the navel can be regarded as the origin of all channels and collaterals. It is connected to the Twelve Channels (or the Regular Channels) and the internal organs as well. Therefore, it is the root of life.

- Slims up the whole body evenly
- Reduces the absorption of grease, sugar and starch
- Helps burning fat
- Detoxifies

Normal reactions during early stage of use

- Small peristalsis noise at the belly
- Amount of gas expelled increases
- Smooth bowel movements

Method of Use: 1. Clean the navel area first before using the navel emplastic to ensure better absorption of the formula.
2. Unfold the plastic wrapping before use (step 1). Then, remove the protective membrane on the ointment (step 2). Finally, stick it to the navel with the ointment-filling part directed to it.
3. If you have a deep navel, apply pressure on top of the emplastic after you stick it to the place so that the ointment can have a better contact with the skin of the navel. Wear it for at least 6-12 hours before ripping it off.
4. If you want to use it with other navel emplastics, stick them by the side of the main emplastic. Do not stick too far away but approximately one inch apart.

It can enhance the effect if hot up the navel emplastic slightly, recommend use it after dinner or before sleeping, it can more easy to absorb. The standard treatment is 30days, powerful treatment is 60days, you can keep to use it for maintain the effect when complete the full treatment.
Ingrendients: Hawthorn, alismatis rhizoma, cassiae semen...etc.
Remark: Administration of this product is contraindicated in women during times of menstrual period. An anti-hypersensitivity, waterproof surgery-use adhesive bandage is used as the carrier. People with skin hypersensitivity are recommended to apply a thin layer of moisturising cream on the navel before administration. Begin with a small dosage of 1 application every other day before returning to normal dosage after 5-7 applications when your body has adapted to it. This product is not a therapeutic drug. The efficacy of this product and the progress of treatment and reaction to it in different users depend on the body status and skin absorption conditions of different individuals. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Expire Period: 3years

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