Fat-Burn Pellet(A+B Capsule)

Fat-Burn Pellet(A+B Capsule)
Description: Cutting Fat Every Second

The Truly Effective Twin Effects Fat-cutting and Slimming Pills in the Market "Deluxe 8X FAT-BURN PELLET" is specially developed for users facing weight problems caused by high fat ratio, lack of exercise and too much sitting. The twin lasting effects technology allows you to just take a daily set of A+B - A being the "Fat Blocker and Cutter" to be firstly absorbed by the stomach and B being the "Detoxifying Intestine Cleaner" to be absorbed by the intestine - for a truly fat-cutting effect each and every second! Its fat-cutting and slimming effects are 8 times stronger than other slimming products because it can effectively block off the absorption of oil and sugar and prevent fat accumulation. With numerous tests and SGS international assurance and GMP quality production, the product is safe, reliable and free of side-effects.

- Proved to be 8 times more effective than other slimming pills
- Powerful fat-cutting duet
- Long-lasting effects with just one set of intake in the morning

Analysis of Ingredients:

A "Fat Blocker and Cutter" to be absorbed by the stomach
Golden Capsule - The capsule quickly dissolves in the stomach so that the ingredients inside could be thoroughly absorbed. The CLA ingredients can effectively integrate and eliminate fats.

B "Detoxifying Intestine Cleaner" to be absorbed by the intestine
Green Capsule - The capsule is produced with the liquidified compression technology, so only the surface layer of the capsule dissolves in the stomach. The whole capsule will not thoroughly dissolve until it reaches the intestine where the effective ingredients will carry out the detoxification and intestine cleaning.

- Powerful Fat-Cutting
- Blocking of Fattening Substance
- Prevention of Fat Accumulation
- Intestine Cleaning and Digestion Facilitation for Detoxification

Method of Use: Take one set of A "Fat Blocker and Cutter"+ B "Detoxifying Intestine Cleaner" with warm water each morning for a one-month course. After the instant effect course, continuous use can further lead to continuous effect.


CLA is globally proved to be the most effective slimming ingredient in the world by numerous researches. However, human body cannot produce CLA, so it has to be absorbed from the external. CLA can effectively lower lipid, increase muscles, prevent fats from attaching to cells, facilitate the accumulation of nitrogen in the body, and improve the fat-muscle ratio of the human body. Most importantly, continuous use is safe, reliable and free of side effects.

High Intensity HCA Hydroxy Citric Acid Extract
It is a natural extract that can prevent the transformation of carbohydrate into fat. The mechanism lies in suppressing one of the ATP enzymes when the human body converts glucose into fat so that fatty acids cannot be formed. HCA is an analogue of citric acid and can suppress the activity of enzyme, thus preventing the transformation of excessive carbohydrate into fat. Numerous researches in the US prove that HCA can facilitate fat burning and can reduce the formation of fatty acid by 40-70% within 8-12 hours after meal.

White Kidney Bean Extract
White Kidney Bean Extract is a carbohydrate regulator and carries the function of digestive enzyme. It can reduce carbohydrate absorption and energy intake, thereby reducing the opportunity of fat accumulation. It can also block off starch absorption and break down carbohydrate, pus.hing the slimming effect to the optimal.


High Purity Aloe Vera Oil
Aloe vera is known as the best health food in the 21 st century. It can effectively remove the toxins from the body. The worst nightmare about slimming is the loosen skin, whereas aloe vera oil, the most reliable detoxifying and slimming ingredient, can maintain sufficient moisture for the skin to keep its smoothness and elasticity.

Green Tea Polyphenol
It can suspend and suppress the digestion and absorption of starch. Green tea can also effectively suppress the activity of the enzyme that converts cane sugar and thereby reduce the intake of excessive sugar in daily diet. Therefore, an appropriate amount of green tea polyphenol daily intake can achieve weight control and prevention of weight problem.

Grapefruit is the best slimming element as it is rich in vitamins including vitamin A, C and more. It can effectively fight against free-radicals and facilitate the formation of collagen to regain elasticity for the skin. It also contains a great deal of good fibre, which is conducive to the peristalsis of intestine that helps to remove the wastes without causing diarrhea. It can also reduce the absorption of low-density lipoprotein by the small intestine thus reducing cholesterol and is good for slimming. Not only is grapefruit low in fat and high in fibre, it contains zero cholesterol and can reduce calorie, which makes it a great slimming helper.

Spirulina Extract
Spirulina is also called cyanobacteria. Rich in protein and whole essential amino acids, spirulina can regulate the metabolic function of the liver. The GLA in spirulina is an essential fatty acid that can help the metabolism of excessive fat in the body, in order to reduce fat and weight. It is currently one of the most nutritious and balanced ingredients.

Spinach Extract
Spinach extract is rich in vitamins including B1, B2, D, K, P and others, and various kinds of fibre and carotene, which can stimulate the peristalsis of intestine and facilitate digestion. Help is especially apparent for those whose used to have feces remained in the body for long. When toxins in the body are removed, the body weight will also be reduced and the effects for slimming will be obvious.

Remark: The product is not suitable for children, patients allergic to medicines, patients of chronic illness or those in continuous use of Chinese or Western medicine, and pregnant women. Please stop using the product if unusual health conditions occur after use. Please consult a registered doctor for use if necessary. The product is not intended for the cure of diseases and the effects, progress and reactions may vary by users depending on individual body condition and absorptive capacity. Please store the product in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
Expire Period: 3 years

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