Sleep-Aid Patch
Sleep-Aid Patch
Description: Due to great working pressure and rapid pace of living, more and more people who live and work in the city are suffering from insomnia. Many therefore are relying on sleeping pills to help them get asleep. The newly invented Sleep-aid Patch is an innovative product. Being different from traditional oral-taking drugs, Sleep-aid Patch will not leave any residual drugs in the body. Sleep-aid Patch is manufactured using hydrogel based materials. Its effective ingredients are extracted from plants. The product in addition applies the release control technology, which enables a constant release of effective ingredients.

Product Features:

The effective ingredients of the product are extracted from plants. Hydrogel is used as the base material and a means to control discharge. It also enables good adhering which prevents the product from falling off. No residue will be left on the applied area after use.

Effective Period: Product effect will last for 8 hours. Remove after wake up on the other day.

Method of Use: Tear the aluminum package open. Take out the patches and gently apply on both temples.

*Use the product 30 minutes before sleep
Remark: 1)For external use only.
2)Do not use on frostbite or desenitized skin, or skin that has been damaged, bruised, irrated or swollen.
3)People with skin hypersensitivity are not recommended to use.
4)This product is not a therapeutic drug. The efficacy of this product and the progress of treatment and reaction to it in different users depend on the body status and skin absorption conditions of different individuals.
5)Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Expire Period: 3 years

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