Breast Crystal Mask
Breast Crystal Mask

It was a finding of Thailand experts in the 1980s that the Thai herb Butea Superba possesses exceptional and unique breast uplifting effects. An authoritative organization in Thailand once investigated the effect of Butea Superba on a group of women aged 20-45. Results showed that 90% of the women involved had had improvements in their breasts after using. The one who obtained the best result even gained a 5 cm increase in a month. Butea Superba consists of natural inducing ingredients that trigger positive effects in the human secretion system. Due to that reason, breast-enhancing effect will not fade away even the consumption of the herb is terminated. Effect of which on postnatal breast loosening is also obvious.

What Further Investigations Found:

Growing in the mountain region of Northern Thailand , Butea Superba is rich in hyperactive isoflavone, which acts very much like the female estrogen and can effectively regulate endocrine. The way it imitates and interrupts the physical and biochemical effect of estrogen is remarkable. Therefore, the herb is especially effective in regulating the female endocrine level and relieving estrogen-related diseases such as menopausal syndromes. The effects of Butea Superba ? as a herb used in Thailand for many generations for breast enhancing and endocrine regulating as well as a means to postpone aging ? are thus scientifically supported.

Numerous Experimental Proofs:

Butea Superba is a natural undomesticated plant. It does not have any side effects. During the production of Transparent Crystal Breast Uplifting Mask , extracts of Butea Superba is being absorbed into the biological mask using powerful biological hyper factor chain so that complex structures are formed between molecules. When used, breast-enhancing essences, such as effective elements of Butea Superba and collagen, can continually enter into the deep skin layers of breasts through skin permeation controlled release system. Being absorbed quickly, these essences will enlarge and firm up the mammary glands; reconstruct breast tissues; boost estrogen level; stimulate growth of mammary cells; improve skin micro-circulation; replenish skin with collagen and water; and promote blood circulation of breast tissue. With such effects, aging of breast skin will be postponed, elasticity and glossiness of breasts will be improved, loosening and sagging problems can be prevented and improved, and firmness and size of the female breasts can be enhanced.

Local residents in Thailand have been using Butea Superba for more than a hundred years to restore their youthfulness. The saying that Butea Superba could make people younger was therefore being passed on from generation to generation. It was Luang Anusan Suntara who later publicized his findings about the herb.

In May 1931, Luang Anusan Suntara published a booklet about "Kwao Krue". Various traditional methods of the use of Butea Superba among layman people were described in the book. It was said that the herb powder possesses youth restoring power.

In 1932, Dr. A.F.G. Kerr, the chief editor of Botany Section, Siam Society Magazine , drew the science circle to a fact: The stem and root tuber of a plant in Thailand , éKwao KrueĦe (The plant was mistakenly named as éPueraria Mirifica Airy Shaw SuvatabandhuaĦe at that time), were regarded as a medicine with youth restoring power. Dr. Kerr was the first person who raised the global awareness of the youth restoring properties of the plant. Afterwards, it was ascertained that the potential plant estrogen of which was the unique feature and the element was extracted. In 1952, the plant was officially identified as Butea Superba.

Effects on Breasts
Increase elasticity; prevent loosening and sagging; uplifting; progressively enhancing; promoting fine, nourished and glossy breast skin.

For female individuals who want to improve the outline of their breasts and for those who require health and beauty treatment on the same body part. Especially for females who are short of internal estrogen, including those who are facing menopause and aging problems.


-Postpones aging of breast skins
-Enhances elasticity and shininess
-Helps to prevent and uplift loosen breasts and sagging
-Effectively firms and enlarges breasts

Method of Use: 1. Clean the skin.
2. Unwrap the packing
3. Apply mask to skin.(If temperature is low, warm up the product in warm water before unwrapping.)
4. Remove after 10-20 minutes. Slightly massage on the essence with fingertips to enhance the effect. 5. Splash with water.

Special Recommendations:
Use the product every 2-3 days initially. After using 7 pieces to bring the skin to the best condition, use the product once or twice a week for maintenance of your smooth, bright and moisturized skin.
Ingrendients: Collagen, Butea Superba, elastin collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, purified water, etc.
Remark: Please store the product in a dry and cool indoor area and avoid direct sunlight. Use immediately after open. Do not use on skin with unusual conditions such as wounds, rashes, infections, swells or sunburns.
Expire Period: 3 years

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