Spots Dissolve Crystal Mask Patch

Spots Dissolve Crystal Mask Patch
Description: 1. The product is a result of revolutionary researches. The fact that it has applied the location-specific centralized induction technology makes it suitable especially for clearing stubborn facial problems such as spots, pigmentation and acne marks.

2. The botanical collagen transparent mask has been infused with 20-fold essence using distinctive technology. It can be tightly attached to the face which enables the centralized induction of spots clearing essence.

3. More than fighting off spots on the surface layer of the skin, the powerful permeating dffect of the product can also break up the subside pigmentation at the bottom layer of the skin.

- Spots Dissolving

Method of Use: 1. Clean the skin.
2. Unwrap the packing
3. apply it on areas with spots or pigmentation (The mask contains abundant essence by itself)(If temperature is low, warm up the product in warm water before unwrapping.)
4. Remove after 10-20 minutes. Slightly massage on the essence with fingertips to enhance the permeating effect.
5. Splash with water.

Special Recommendations:
Use the product every 2-3 days initially. After using 7 pieces to bring the skin to the best condition, use the product once or twice a week for maintenance of your smooth, bright and moisturized skin.
Ingrendients: Pure water . NMF50 . Haluronic acid . Stay C-50 . Lavender Essential Oil . Glabridin . Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans . Colloidal Mineral . Sodium PCA...etc
Remark: Please store the product in a dry and cool indoor area and avoid direct sunlight. Use immediately after open. Do not use on skin with unusual conditions such as wounds, rashes, infections, swells or sunburns.
Expire Period: 3 years

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